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due dates or is it really?

ME emailing the students - give me your draft assignment by 22nd Feb & don't forget you have to hand up your final assignments on March 1st, which means you have to post it by next Tuesday.

Reply from one of the students - Ms, isn't the assignment due on 10th March?

ME (annoyed) - I thought it's clearly written in my 1st email to all of you? didn't you read it?

The Student - sorry, trying to be clear.

......................... much later which was this morning while showering, I was organising my day (yeap, shower time is as good as any to set the day in order) Then suddenly it hit me! Darn it! I gave to wrong information! It's the Dance Competition dateline on March 1st AND the written assignment on March 10th!!!! Alamak! Everything sort of like got mushed up.

Serves me right for multi-tasking, trying to do competition work at the same time as my tutoring work.

Immediately emailled everybody to apologise!

Forgive me if I don't know if I am coming or going. 

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