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When I was in school, the only game I was ever remotely interested in was hockey. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I have this quite powerful and hefty stick in my hand and I can whack people with it or perhaps it was the fact that the Hockey World Cup was held in Malaysia around that time and drop-dead gorgeous hunks were in full display. Most of you will probably say it's the latter but if I weren't the least bit interested in the game, i would not have suffered quite a few bruises on the shins.  After a while, it proved rather dangerous because I bruise easily and it bothered my dancing (try dancing with whacked up legs)

Tonight, I saw one of my babies taking after me. Wookie was caught trying to play hockey. He got hold of his tiny bolster-shaped pillow and 'dribbled' his green ball around. It was quite funny. But my delight was short-lived. He then realised that carrying the ball around in his mouth is less bothersome.Kicking a can.

This baby of mine is very 'smart'. He is also has perserverence. He believes if he digs hard tiled floor well and long enough, he'll be able to bury his goodies in it.  He also only 'reads' The Star. He shreds The Sun to pieces. He knows who to bully to get his ball for him when he 'accidently' folls it under the sofa. He also know his Papa will have an almost endless game of fetch with him.

If I had to choice to make all over again, I will still choose him over any other dogs. 

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