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"I was 'feeling' to see if it's right for us to extend the back"

Today we went to Klang City to pay the assessment or is it quit rent (well, it's one of those) for our new house. We drove all the way there and found out that it's nomination day for the general elections and we could not get into the council to make payments. Blow!

So, we went to our new place instead and began to count how many lights we need to buy, plus discuss the different possibilities to the place. My neighbour already did some renovations. They extended the back a little. I must admit the thought was deliciously tempting to do so. But of course, we have a budget constraint. We went to look at another house on the opposite side of the road. The extension temptation grew even stronger. I then unlocked the gate again and went out back to 'feel'.

Andrew and Alison were waiting for me in the car. "what were you doing?" Andrew asked when I got back into the car.

"I was 'feeling' to see if it's right for us to extend the back"



"Huh, like that also can ah. Can 'feel' one ah"

"Yup. It may be right for our neighbour to do it. But somehow, it didn't 'feel right' for us to do so"

So, that is that. End of temptation. 

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