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ISP Week


From L to R (standing) Therese, Lai Yee, Gek King, Yuen Han, Ching Yee, Suet Lee, Mee Kuen, Wei Mun, Nathalee, Jeanie, Iris

(in front) Connie,  See Ngar, Eugenie (the pianist), me, Lee Li, Ee Leen

It had been an exciting week. Challenging both for the students and myself. But most definitely an enjoyable one.

Day 1 : 'Getting to know you'. for a good part of the day, since we were all  still quite stranger-like, we were reserved.

Day 2 : We got to know each other a lot better and boy, was my time-table shot to pieces. I was bombarded with questions, which is good but I had not anticipated that many................must keep in time, must keep in time.

Dat3 : We moved studio because the original one was way too small. Then TROUBLE began. The other class above us began doing character work, which uses hard heeled shoes. We were right below and every stamp or clatter was magnified. Then the next door undergoing seom renovations, dicided to us the jackhammer. Outside, it was raining cats and dogs and that too , was extremely noisy. To top it all, we were doing the music section. How to do music without being able to listen??? I could not stand it anymore, grab my stuff, told the students to do the same and moved to yet another studio.

Day 4 : On my way home the day before, I decided I will 'attack' the music section. Want them to understand that it's not such a good deal. Tough and all those stuff.

Day 4 :  Really getting into the full swing of things.

Day 5 : Everyone of them were extremely nervous about the Assessment happening in Day 6.

Day 6 : Assessment Day. Demonstrations, Q & A and all those blahs. We had a fun time taking pictures too. Made a lot of noise and undoubtedly might had disturb the class next door who has not finished their assessment

To all you girls in the class, thank you for an exciting and fulfilling week.  

Reader Comments (3)

when i am first taking cbts course. i feel i am lost! i don't know what to do to the assignment and i am afraid of isp.i am so regret of taking cbts...but luckily my friends are always been with me and i am so happy to have a tutor which is so patient to us.I still remember the day i call explain to me patiently and tell me the way of answering the questions..i feel so happy that my tutor are really nice and willing to help when i am facing the problem..i really appreciate it!! and during isp..i really feel relax and no tention and i hv gain a lot from make me feel that isp is a very fun programme that helps us a lot and make me make more fren from different places.thx a lot for your guidance and you are always be the best...thx a agin to you ms. katy...pls do take care yourself!

best regards,
ching yee
March 25, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterching yee
You are most welcome. Like I said, it's challenging for all concerned and I am glad you had a great time. So did I.
March 26, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaty
Feel happy to meet up with all of you there and i feel so lucky having such a nice tutor with us. Thank you so much and i know that we have been making you headache espeacially on the music section part... hehe.. Once again thank you so much..
March 26, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMee Kuen

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