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better looking pictures, please

I promised myself that my blog will always be non political and  not too controversial but in this season of election, one just can't keep the mouth shut.

Everywhere we went, the past few weeks, posters of various politicians, political hopefuls are waving gaily all over town. Then,. I began to notice something. No matter who they are, they have a certain trademark, the pictures, I mean. I felt that they are really quite badly taken. I mean, if I were a politician, and I want people to vote for me, I will make sure I have a more 'smiley' look about me. I will look congenial, approachable. I will probably display an air of servanthood. I will definitely not have pictures of myself glaring my eyeballs out of their sockets.

Who is to blame? The photographers or the publicty people. If politicians are too busy serving their constituents to go to good photographers and they had a dateline to meet to get their pictures to the printers and therefore, submitted their passport photos, then, for goodness sake, 'Photoshop' them. Photoshop does wonders. I have even seen wedding photos of brides looking 20 KG slimmer. And everyone knows passport photos will make even a drop-dead gorgeous Miss South America look plain. 

My point is, most people are very 'visual'. I am anyway. A politican smiling with 'genuineness' oozing out from his eyes will go a long way with me.  

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Yeah, it is like the debate between JFK and Richard Nixon, those who watched the debate on TV voted for JFK because he was the younger, and handsome looking one compared to Nixon who looked aged and tired from all the campaigning.
The funny thing was that the people who heard the debate on the radio thought that Nixon was the one with more substance...
March 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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