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On Monday, after a long day sortinng out competition entries and classes, I had to dash across town to collect the DVDs. When I got home it was past 11PM and I was famished. There weren't anything to eat except some left-oveer pasta sauce from..........dunno when, Friday maybe. So, I quickly put some pasta to boil, reheated the sauce and walloped the whole lot. Yummy!

The next day, I did not feel too good. The Dance Society Committee was invited to lunch by the patron, to thank us for all the hard work for The Slave Princess. So we met at the Club for buffet lunch. I must say, for a club, the spread was not too good, but nevertheless, we ate because we were hungry. I didn't eat too much though because I was feeling a little off weather. That night, I suffered. Numerous visits to the toilet, purging and puking.

Next morning, I felt REALLY lousy, and it was Andrew's birthday. David, Alison and I already made plans to go to town to get him a new cellphone. 1st stop, doctor, then something to eat then to get the phone. Every step of the way, I visited the toilets. Here's the phone we bought.60135-1396055-thumbnail.jpg

 Feeling lousy, feeling lousy, feeling lousy............... we trudged home, I dragged myself to bed and slept till dinner time. Then at dinner (after we already gave Andrew his present) he announced that he wants to give it to me! Ha! Ha! If only I had known, I would have bought this. It's so......................RED! redphone.jpg

But as it is now, I am using the black one. I'll probably give it back to Andrew, after a few days but again, maybe............mmmm

Did the new phone make my tmummy any better? Well, actually, it did, for a grand total of 2 days. This morning, I woke up with that 'lousy' feeling again. Maybe it was the thought of working for 8 hours straight without a break that brought on the 'lousy' feeling. Nevertheless, i conquered the 8 hours, sick or no and am now looking forward to a few days of rest..............or will I get any? ISP (the week-long tutoring session) is a week away. I have tons of things to prepare. Final assignments are streaming in slowly but surely. I doubt I'll get any rest.

Tomorrow, election day. Time to do my duty as a loyal citizen of my beloved country.  

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Aw, so sweet!
March 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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