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Wookie at nearly 3

In 2 weeks' time, Wookie will be 3 years old. He's about 6KG now. He's stopped growing ages ago. And personally, I believe his mental capacity also remain 'child-like'. Technically speaking, a 3 year old dog, is NOT a puppy anymore, but the way he behaves, I doubt he'll outgrow the puppy stage, except perhaps the biting of furniture. He stopped that once he turned a year old.

He has the most gorgeous way of greeting me when I get home, he'll 'paw' me for as long as I allow him. I am glad he's a small dog. If he's a Great Dane, he would have floored me! Sometimes, he behaves like a gentleman, waiting for me to put down whatever I am holding or needed to do before he gives me the 'Hi! I have not seen our for a thousand years" Greet, but at other times, he can't wait for me to get into the house.

He's also taken over the couch and the 2 arm-chairs. Several times, he was caught red-pawed on forbidden land - the couch. Now we sort of decide that he's allowed (Caser Millan will disapprove) When we move, the old armchairs have to move with us because he spends a good part of the night on them.

I have been thinking seriously about getting a friend for him. But we are also worried about complications. What if he's so used to having all of us from himself. What if he does not want to 'share'. What if the personalities clash. What if, what if, what if...................

He's so important in our lives that he will have a special place in the new house, to store all his food, towels and stuff. As it is, he's already taken over the whole ground floor. When we move into the new house, there'll be a lot more whole ground floor for him to take over, I guess.

He is, as I have mentioned before, definitely the leader of the pack in our household. Andrew 'cannot' go upstairs to bed unless a game (long one) of fetch is played. David has a good chat with him when he comes back from work. He makes sure Alison shares the couch with him when she lies there. As for me, what can I say, he's my shadow. 

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