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My new Fridge

About nearly 3 weeks ago, my phone rang.

Person on the other line: Good morning, Ms. I am calling from ---- (a leading bank) Thank you for activating your new savings accound. You are now in the running to win a mini fridge

[Me thinking, what harm to try]

POTOL: Maam, but 1st you need to answer a few questions. [I knew it's too good to be true and it will not be so easy]

POTOL: Don't worry, it's very easy [yeah, rite!]

POTOL: What is our bank's caption?

Me: Oh! Dear!

POTOL: Don't worry, it's a multiple choice A...blah blah, B........

Me: C!

POTOL: Yes! You see, it's not difficult. Another question.

Me: Oh! Dear!

POTOL: What's our bank's coporate colour?


POTOL: Red and.........? [Stunned, because as far as I know, it's only red]

Me: Er red white?

POTOL: YES! Congratulations, you have just won a mini fridge!

ME: Oh! How big is it?

POTOL: It's not very big, smaller than those you see in hotels.

Anyway, a few days ago, I got it.  POTOL did not mention that it's VERY MUCH smaller than the ones in the hotel.


Mine is red, of course, to follow the bank's coporate colour. It can hold 8 cans in a very compact way. Very, very cute. It actually looks like a tiny safe. I took it to the studio and the students marvelled at it's 'cuteness' . It'll probably keep my Livita cold, maybe a small carton of milk but otherwise, I guess, it'll just be too small for anything else.

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heheh... cute... can keep can drinks cold.. hmm... red/white... public?
April 30, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteredwin

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