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The Revenge of the RAT

Yup, it's the same old, same old. My rat problem again.

They came and shat (past tense of shit? Maybe it should be shitted) all over my wet kitchen. It is getting very irritating. I told Andrew I do not want the galvanised steel rack to reek of rat when we move it to the new house. It may attract new rats to my new place. So I asked him to help me get it into the front of the house so that I can clean and sun it.

That was yesterday. This morning, I went into the kitchen and saw chaos. I think they were upset that I removed their playground apparatus. They messed the whole place up and even bit off the cover to the bottle of oil!

Now, a deliciously aromatic piece of cuttlefish is hanging on a hook in an inviting cage at the back.  

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