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"Do You Want Broadband?"

2 days ago, Ali and I scooted all over town trying to get a lot of things done. We were at the kitchen cabinet office, discussing the final details plus paying a deposit for my ultra cool new STAINLESS STEEL kitchen system. Yup! Stainless Steel, something I have wanted for a long, long time.

Anyway, while we were there, a gazillion calls came. In the end, I asked Ali to take my calls and tell the callers that I'll call back. Linda, the kitchen lady and I could not finalise anything!

Then, another call came, Ali answered, "Telekom? Dia sibuk, boleh call back?" (Telekom? She's busy, can you call back?)

I grabbed the phone from her. One absolutely DO NOT ask establishments like Telekom to CALL BACK!

So anyway, apparently, my new house is now communicable! Phone cables are available! Woo Hoo! I went to Telekom immediately yesterday to pay up. They have even allocated the number and everything.

But the weird things happened when I paid up. I asked to apply the Internet broadband as well. but the lady that attended to me told me that the phone line has to be installed 1st before the broadband application. I somehow, do not see the point;

Me go Telekom to sign up and pay for phone line. Wait for technician to call me within 3 days to come fix the line. Me making my way to Telekom AGAIN to sign up and pay for broadband, then wait again for 3 days! Weird!

It got even weirder, I receive a call 2 hours later. This guy asked if I want to get broadband. But OF COURSE! That was what I was trying to get 2 hours ago. So I confirmed.......blah, blah, blah.........

Today was weirdest. There were no less than 5 calls, all asking if I want broadband. So, on the 4th or was it 5th call, I asked the person, how many times must I tell them , yes, Yes, YES!

So, there you are, the phone line's in. And I wonder, after all those calls, if I will get my broadband soon too. 

Reader Comments (2)

So will it be that when I come back, I can visit you in your new house and warm the couches? :D
April 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
I have a guest room too :D
April 25, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaty

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