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Reasons why you should NOT get a Shih Tzu

For starters they are one of the stubbornest breed. One can have a showdown with a Shih Tzu commanding it to do something (like 'sit' for example) and lose. They are like cats in a dog body (Dat, my Alison calls it)

They are attention zappers. They crave human attention and human contact. They can't be left alone for long hours. If there's 4 members in the family, all the 4 members of the family better jolly well make time to 'sayang' it after a long day.

Today was such a day. We were out and when we got back, each one of us took turns to 'sayang' him but obviously, Wookie's idea of 'sayang' quota was not the same as ours. I went upstairs to bathe, Alison followed suit, and then Andrew. David was holed up in his room doing whatever David always does. When Andrew came down, he was 'greeted with a carpet of shredded newspapers in the kitchen! It screamed "NOT ENOUGH! NOT ENOUGH!"

Anyway, after that was our weekend dose of CSI and Wookie tried his best to get back into Andrew's good books. He put on his 'Angel Mask' Of course, in the end, Andrew melted and gave him a mega dosage of 'sayang'.  

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