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Moving Snippets

I am STILL moving! We moved the big stuff last Saturday, leaving the smaller ones for daily trips.

But we have more or less settled in. We hung our last curtain just now...... Oh, wait, not yet. The curtain rod holder in David's room broke, so the 'we hug our last curtain' is not quite right. *sigh*

Wookie still misses his old home. He is still 'marking' his territory. *sigh*

The new TV came today. My new filing cabinet also came today! Perhaps with a cabinet, my life will be a little more organised. I can hear Andrew say, "Yeah, right!"

We had our 1st home-cooked dinner last night and we cracked open the champagne I brought home from Melbourne last year. We were saving it for this moment.

I have been sleeping at 3 AM everynight since I moved here. Cleaning, unpacking, organising...........and at night, one can do it at a leisurely pace, yum!

On the 1st day, we took our contractor out to lunch and he showed us an area with food a-plenty. We discovered a pretty decent bak kut teh, Ipoh chicken. Even 'normal' wan tan mee tastes 'not bad'. So, we wont starve.

2 nights ago, David and I set up his table. He swore NEVER to do it again. It was a humongous project. The #@#%$ instruction booklet looks like a novel. It took us 3 hours. In the end, while we were both lying under the table, tightening the screws, we seriously considered just sleeping there for the night. But in the end, it was worth it. The table looks good in his room. If ever there's a nuclear attack, we can all hide underneath it and be sheltered from fallout.

Wookie is mutt with many hangups. He's afraid of heights, had obssessive compulsive behaviours and now, possibly also afraid of the dark. We placed the doggie gate on top of the 3rd step. He climbed up till the 3rd step but is afraid of coming down. No amount of coaxing or baiting can get him down. He has his own special room, yup, at the back, for his paper toilet, food, his towel and he even has his own sink! Come to think of it, he's the ONLY member of the family that has his own sink! I share with Andrew and David shares with Alison. Anyway, with the paper toilet being so far at the back, and dark, I think that probably contributes to the peeing in the hall too, besides marking territory.

I love my new bed!

I miss my plants. They are still in the old house.

I love my new laundry area. I gave this a lot of thought, and months ago, decided that I want the washing machine upstairs in the balconey. After all, the space would have been under-untilised anyway. When I told my contractor that, he looked at me in a funny way. This thought must have gone through his mind, "weird Ampang people!" On moving day, the movers happily carried my washing machine to the back and I stopped them. "Ini atas" (this goes upstairs)

"Huh? Atas ah? Atas ah?" (Huh? Upstairs? Upstairs?"

I love it for it's convenience. No more screaming, "Bring down the dirty clothes!" "Take up the clean clothes!" No more lugging heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs.

This place is so quiet. I think we're probably the noisest family in the area. My neighbours are not seen and not heard.

Perhaps more moving snippets later but tonight, I would like to get to bed a little earlier than 3am. 

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Gosh you have moved for a month already!!!
Need to catch up soon!
June 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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