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Disco days

These days I spend a lot of time in the car and hence a lot of time with the radio. The other day, some 'disco - y' music came on and having nothing else to do except drive, I allowed my mind to wander back to those 'good olde days'

When I was a student back in London, a group of us used to occasionally pop into discos. We usually pick smaller ones. I can't remember, perhaps there were no cover charges. Anyway, a group of us will go together. When we get there, we will change our shoes (into something more comfortable to dance in?) 

After that, Dennis will 'clear the floor for us'. Dennis is a big West Indian. He will get onto the dance floor and dance, using big movements, perhaps even dangerous ones too. (Dangerous for those around him) Pretty soon, the people on the floor will clear off, and that's when we take over. Ha ha!

Not very nice of us but we were young then and we did not care. Yeah, I had great fun. I also remember the mad dash to the Underground station to catch the last tube back. *sigh* These days, it's great if I can walk properly down the stairs.  

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