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David Graduated

David graduated last Saturday. The convocation was held in a huge ballroom in a hotel in town. The whole ceremony was filled with pomp and decorum.

David have always been a very independent boy. I remember his 1st week at the kindergarten. I sent him to school the 1st day, kids are crying and clinging on to their parents. David just absorbed the whole atmosphere. On the 2nd day, he got out of the car, waved at me, "Bye Mummy!" and ran off into the building. I felt abandoned! I actually canceled and rescheduled my morning classes for the whole week, thinking that he will need me close by.

When he was younger, he does not talk much, come to think of it, he STILL does not talk much. He will come home from the babysitter, walk around to check that his toys are all where they are supposed to be and proceed to play. On some occasions, he will tear around the house like a hurricane, play with everything for a few minutes at each toy leaving his parents exhausted just watching him do it.

Once in the 1st year at kindergarten, he came home with only 1 shoe. I asked, coaxed and recapped with him the events of the day but we still could not get down to what happened to the other shoe. So we went back to the school, retraced the steps and also the route of the school bus and we found his shoe lying forlornly in the middle of a road. How did it get there??? One of life's mysteries.

Then my mum came over telling me a strange tale. She said that she was driving behind a school bus, 'Ah Boy' school bus. (She calls David, Ah Boy) And she saw a pair of legs sticking out a window. It looked suspicously like Ah Boy's legs so she came to find out. 20 Questions began.......... we then found out that he would lie down on the seat at the back of the bus and stick his feet out of the window. Apparently, when the bus executed a corner, he rolled and the shoe fell off. Needless to say, he stopped traveling on that bus after that.

He went to no less than 3 primary school. First, to a private school, then it got too expensive and he went to a regular government school and he moved over to another for reasons I cannot remember now. His results have never been spectecular straight A's kind of affair but it gets by. But I am so proud when he walked up the podium for a 2nd class Honours. His father and I felt that he could have gotten a 1st class but that would mean working bloody hard and also having to look nerdy. Less work plus not looking nerdy = 2nd class is an OK tradeoff.

Enough rambling. Pictures, pictures............................ courtesy of David, from his Blog

This was an re- enactment of the actual 'throwing'. They trooped the chancellors out, made the graduates follow suit, leaving  parents and friends plus cameras in the ballroom.

Bought this bouquet for him.

The flowers are still looking very nice.

We took this during the refreshment session. They had a good spread but how many  sandwiches can one eat? How many cups of coffee can one drink.............needless to say, we didn't consume our money's worth :(

I am VERY proud of you, David! LOVE YOU!

Reader Comments (2)

Awh... so nice! Makes me impatient thinking of my turn...
August 26, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
*with a tear in my eye* All my 'babies' are growing up.
August 27, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaty

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