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Family Ties

Last Saturday, after David's convocation we had dinner at some seafood restaurant near Damansara Jaya. 'We' did not inculde David. Right after the ceremony, he went off with his mates to celebrate 'after graduation'. Then he went up to Genting to meet some of his other friends.

Chung, Andrew's brother was back from Melbourne for seminars. Chinese always get together over a meal. There's no question of, 'let's meet at the park'. If that's the case, it'll probably be 'let's meet at the park for a picnic'.

But here you are, the attendees of the dinner;


It' always nice to catch up. Lai Koo and Uncle Sunny gave us many pointers to the art of tea drinking. There's the getting-everybody-up-to-date with whatever everybody else is doing. That includes the kids too.

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