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I felt nothing

Last Sunday, we met with the new owners of our old house and handed over the keys. It is now officially NOT our house any longer.

Before we did so, I thought I will feel something when we actually give up the keys. Feel what, I have no idea but i did not expect to feel.....................nothing. Yup! NOTHING!

Me, the Miss Can Cry At The Drop Of A Hat. Me, who cries at a Mr. Bean movie. Me who gets all choked up whenever anyone around me  'looks' as if they are going to cry.


Andrew said it was probably because we had already moved away 3 months ago. Therefore the umblical cord had already be severed. I thought the more likely reason was because I was under medication. I drank a fruity concoction from one of the coffee chains on Tuesday and developed rashes. It got worse and I had to go and get some meds for it. Doctor said, "It shouldn't make you sleepy"...............Hogwash! I was VERY sleepy. So therefore, most of whatever happened last weekend was quite a blur, except of course, David's graduation. I made sure I  was off the meds temporary for the occasion.

But there you are, nothing was what I felt. Goodbye, old house. I've had many good years with you but it's time to move on.

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