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Cellphones - Pet Hates

Cellphones...... Love them, hate them but they are here to stay.

Pet Hates

People telling you that they never receive your short message when the delivery date and time has clearly been recorded.

People sending you messages in the middle of the night ( When I say middle, I mean middle - like 3AM) But then again, I have been guilty of the same crime.

People in the service industry, attending to you, then a message tone comes in, they get distracted, although sometimes, they continue to attend to you but the look on the face is, ' hurry up, I want to read my message. I am not really interested in whatever you want to say' or they just whip up their phone and check the message. So totally RUDE!

(Referring to previous pet hate) Still on people in the service industry - Phone rings, they answer it. It does not matter if you have been in the queue for the past half hour and it's your turn. The person behind the counter (on the phone) has the 'friend call' look on the face - probably making arrangements to meet at tea-time. It's definitely NOT the look of 'my mother has just suddenly been admitted into the hospital' look.

There are, of course, irritating people who does not switch off their phones in the theatre/ church/meetings. I can understand that sometimes, one forgets to put it on the 'silent' mode but these are the people who will be answering calls repeatedly. And no, it's definitely not the 'my mother has just suddenly been admitted into the hospital'  call. How do I know? Well, "considerate person' is talking so loud that everybody around him/her knows that it's just a friend asking about lunch.

Those are, of course, pet hates. But the cellphone is also a useful tool. How many of us have typed or said "WRU?" (Where Are You?) I will call Alison and tell her "7 minutes and I'll be there" or "at the toll". I have also sent messages like "come" after futile attempts to get David or Ali to come downstairs.

I can also do a lot of catching up with friends on my long, long journey home from Melawati.

Just that, why can't those Pet Hates disappear?

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another gripe... why waste money SMS to and fro... when calling saves money... most SMS will go on and on till it literally costs almost 10 times the amount u could have spent calling and getting the message across
September 15, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteredwin

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