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Book Spell

Since I moved to my new place, I hardly touch my DS. Have the spell been broken? Did I wake up from Nintendo dream?

Perhaps it was the events leading up to moving and the subsequent busy days (and nights) unpacking, cleaning, arranging and so on and so forth.

While unpacking, I 'touched' my books again. Then, suddenly the 'book spell' was cast. I picked up one book, finished it, and then another, then another.....................

The other day, I was in Popular browsing and killing time waiting for Ali to finish her classes. Then I cam across Pet Semetary by Stephen King. It was only RM13.90. What a steal. I grabbed it. I read Pet Semetary years ago. I have always felt that it was one of King's best. It sort of creeps you out with its horror. I don't remember watching the movie. Perhaps I should, just for comparison.

More recently, I went on a buying spree. I bought another 2 Agatha Christie (I can't believe I still have some of hers which I don't have) and Anna Karenina, another book which I have read years ago.

The nice thing about books, or movies for that matter is, if it's nice, it can be read (or viewed) over and over again. Now, I am 'doing' X-Files again, much to Alison's woe. You should see the way she rolls her eyes everytime I watch it.

People tell me that gaming will spoil eyesight. But I find that reading tires the eyes even more. So should I abandon my recent rediscovered literary journey, wake up from 'book spell' and go back to Nintendo land? Or should I go blind while trying to crawl into the magical word world.

Reader Comments (2)

*laughs* I am definitely for going blind while crawling into the magical word world. Cos that's what I do! I'm re-reading the 1st 2 books of the Inheritance Cycle to refresh my memory while waiting for Book 3 that's coming out on Sept 20!
September 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
try Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time"... by the time u reach the 8th book u can swear... u need to re-read book one again...

but alas... no books yet this year... some e-books... but no "real" books...
September 10, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteredwin

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