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Dec 2008

Almost a month ago since my last post! Time flies!

Many, many stuff have happened.

Parents moved - 3 lorry load! And lots of packing and unpacking ( I do believe I still have yet more to unpack and pack away )

Went to Singapore and back with 13 of my students. This alone requires a separate posting (which I will do when I get some pics from the girls)

Christmas Party at the old folks home. They are such dears. Threw them a party, a group of us from my LifeGroup. They thanked us by singing Karaoke to us! Dear Lord!

Yet another Christmas Party at Johnston and Sheryl's place - hundreds of people!

Christmas Eve dinner - Bak Kut Teh! How's that for a Klang-ite Christmas Eve Dinner.

Christmas Day lunch - Dim Sum. Chinese Christmas?

New Year's Eve dinner - steamboat! Weird but scrumptious. At Watchnight Service, I testified in front of hundreds of people -  scary! It's a lot easier to dance in front of hundreds.

New Year's Day dinner - Sis and family came over and we had a great time! Loads of laughs and talks.

Then, poof! the whole month-long holiday was gone! How time flies when one is having a good time. Of course I also did a lot of downtime stuff like watching TV, DVDs, played a lot of DS. Patrick gave me some good stuff to watch - Dexter, Shield, Midsomer Murders! I had to ration Midsomer because I only got the 1st and 2nd season. Totally delicious.

There were of course, loads of lunches and stuff that I did to catch up with friends.

And in the end, I ended up VERY broke. I had to break 2 piggy banks! *sigh* Have to wait another 11 months before this comes around again.

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