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1Sept - 5 Nov

2 WHOLE MONTHS! Whatever happened to the time?

Wait a minute, I know what happened to it!

In these 2 months, I have been to Atlantis, travelling back and forth the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way via jump gates. I stayed a while in Babylon 5, renewing my acquaintances with Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn, Londo and G'Kar. I have also travelled in many worlds in search of a cure for the Drakh plague. And perhaps tomorrow, I am embark on the Ring Quest.

But of course, besides my space adventures, when I am back on Earth, there were heaps to do. The Major Vocational exams came and went. A bit of a drama there when the examiner became very ill after a day out in town and had to be hospitalised. But, in the end, all's well. I was there for every single of my candidates - hugs, hairsprays(both for hair and shoe ribbons), words of encouragement, the whole   " I am here for you, go and get it, Tiger" bit.

My birthday came and went. At first, I thought I didn't want to be reminded, eing old and all. Then I thought people had forgotten me - not as many wishes as usual. Then I found out why, they all wished me on FaceBook. Alison and I had a 'girls day out' thing, with Japanese lunch and a makeover. The celebrations did not end at the end of the day though. I had lunches and treats from friends for about 2 weeks!

When everything sort of settled - exams and birthdays etc, I went for a SynVisc procedure. This fluid thingy is injected into my knee to provide better cushion since my cartilages have worn away. That was a week ago. There was another lady who did the same procedure on the same day. According to the doctor, she already went shopping on the 3rd day. But I could not even walk on my 4th. Recovery is slow. *sigh* While I was holding my 'pity party', many friends came and 'rained' on it. Words of encouragement, jokes and just a message that showed 'I care' helped me through it. Space travelling helped too. 

I also read some of my old favourite Agatha Christie books. Did lots of Sudoku. Had to recharge my DS quite a few times.

So here I am, bored to death at home, waiting for the stupid knee to come around and act responsible i.e. let me walk normally and allow to me work properly. I even subscribed to extra movie channels on cable. Perhaps it will give me a chance to get 2010 paperwork prepared. But that's boring stuff too. Something WILL come up!

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Ms Kathy

Take care and all the best to your poor knee!

Are you conducting CBTS102 for us? I really miss you as the best and nicest tutor for all...
November 12, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterchoo ting
So, now can bounce around already la, like Tigger ;D Sorry, didnt know about your procedure, hope you recovered well and enjoyed your time zipping around the galaxy and back .
November 18, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteryc

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