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Courtesy........or NOT!

In the Oxford Dictionary, Courtesy is; 1 courteous behaviour. 2 a polite speech or action, especially one required by convention.

I was going to let it pass, and perhaps bring it up next year, when I see the students. But today, I heard a community message on the radio and it bothered me.

I better begin at the beginning.

Some of my students sat for their Vocational Examinations in Sept/ Oct. Vocational Exams, needless to say, are not easy. And the students and I spent many happy/unhappy hours slogging away in the studio to prepare for it.

Then results came 2 days ago. In these day and age, it was so easy. It was emailed over from London to the Local Organiser and then re-distributed again to various teachers via email again.

So when it came, I immediately texted the students, understanding that they may be anxious to get the result.

In total, 11 took exams this year. Out of the 11, ONLY 4 said "Thank You". Be it 'thank you' for texting me the result or 'thank you' for teaching me or 'thank you' for your long suffering during those months leading up to the exam or 'thank you' for being there for me or just plain 'THANK YOU' for everything. It did not matter to me what the thank you was for but I felt that the all important 'THANK YOU' should have been the reply. 1 out of the 7 'no thank yous' text back to ask how many marks she got and that was it! To be fair another out of the 7 is away overseas and the message was not delivered so she don't count.

What ever happened to plain old courtesy? the P's and Q's? What is happening to people these days? Have they forgotten to be polite?

When I go through a toll on days when I do not have my Smart Tag with me, I have to take a toll ticket. I always try to say 'thank you' to the attendant. I figured it must be so boring to sit in a booth for hours, just handing out tickets. So no matter how dour they look, I try and utter those magical words and hope to spread a little courtesy glow and who knows, it might even grow.

I try to do the same at checkout counters, unless the cashier irritates me too much, then it's quite difficult to do the 'spreading' thing.

Back to the result thing, was that too much to ask? The months and yes, even years of nurturing them to that moment and what do I get? Zip! Nada! Silence! Ok, these days it's short form. 'Thanks' would be nice or  '10Q' or even 'TQ' Nothing. Zero.

Courtesy is DEAD!

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