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drink up the ground up herbs

I had a slipped disc approximately 9 years ago. When it happened, it was during a busy part of my life. I was also 9 years younger. Being young (or younger as the case may be) one tends to think that one is invincible. I was gung ho, thinking there's always another day to tackle the problem, see somebody about it etc.

It got so bad my doctor threatened me - rest or be admitted and be forced to rest. So for 2 weeks I laid on my back, only to get up for toilet or to eat. It was 2 weeks of hell on earth. But lying flat on my back did not mean unproductivity. I managed to choreographed The Garlands, a whole 9 minutes mini ballet.

But due to my negligence, my disc has degenerated and pain is chronic. I have been living with it since then, learning how to adjust to it. Mostly, I learnt the hard way, what worsens the pain and what I should avoid doing.

About 6 months ago, Mum went to this Chinese physician. They are the ones who can find out what's wrong with you by just feeling your pulse. She took loads of ground up chinese herbs and lo and behold it helped! She's a lot stronger now.

Then the other day, I drove Mum and Pa to the physician and they dragged me in for a consultation too. She felt my pulse, asked me loads of questions in a heavily accented Mainland China Mandarin. Most of which I needed Mum to translate. She also looked at my tongue, asked me to bend down. She then told me that my back is weak (Yeah, right! WOW! That's a revelation!)

Then I was prescribed ground up herbs to be taken thrice a day. Week ONE, I faithfully took them. Ziltch! Nothing happened. But then Rome was not built in one day. And it HAS been 9 years. Ok, give it another week.

On the 5th day of week TWO, I was teaching the Advanced class. I demonstrated a certain step. Normally, I totter, unable to summon enough strength to jump. But on that particular day, I pushed and suddenly I felt strength! It must have been how Superman felt when he bent his first iron bar.

I could not believe it. For good measure, I did it a few more times. YES! There's something there! So on Monday, I went back to get two more weeks' worth of ground up herbs. If it means I have to gnaw at a tree and I can dance again, I'll do it.

The pain is still there, of course. It's 9 years of deterioration and decline. I can't expect such a quick turnaround. But any slight improvement is better than nothing. To do a full plie and not be able to get up again................ sheer torture. Maybe that will be a thing of the past soon.


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That's great, teacher! I'm glad the herbs helped you feel better!

Drink a few more weeks.. and hopefully you feel better. My dad is coming in April and would like him to buy some for me..

February 14, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterricebin

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