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February 26th 2009

These days, I spend most of my weekdays in a semi-hermit state only to emerge in the weekends with heaps of classes to teach. 

I wake up in the mornings, do all the Wookie stuff (looking cooking and feeding and cleaning and so on and so on) Then, I will sit down to have my breakfast, which is sometimes, leftovers from the day before, or bread and eggs or Maggi (ya, ya, boring stuff) And when I sit down to breakfast, I actually read the paper! well, it's actually a day old paper. I am the opposite of the 'First Edition' guy, where he gets his paper early and he goes out and save the world. For me, the world died and I find out about it about 2 days later.

Then, it's hit the computer, checking my mail, marking assignments. Actually, it should be MARKING ASSIGNMENTS! It seems to be the only thing I do at home now. And I'll be at it until the brain jams up. that's when I am reading and whatever I am reading don't make sense. This is not the same case whereby students hand up ridiculously senseless assignments. Some of them are absolutely incomprehensible. They are usually handiwork of those who have not spend time on it, then find out -oops dateline is due, ok I'll just type some rubbish, Ms. Katy won't mind. She won't notice. Well, I DO! I was not born yesterday. In fact, I probably have done the very same thing myself before, which is WHY I can 'smell' it.

Of course weekdays are also splattered with cooking and cleaning and trips to the grocers and errands for mum and dad.

Weekends' a different story. Late nights and long hours. In the beginning of the year, I thought I'll die but I am still alive. Exams on the way, concert in June.

Concert - Calling all ex-Danceart students, you wanna dance? We are doing "Kingdom of Sweets", An Adaptation of The Nutcracker Act II. Wonder if i can pull it off. It's already nearly March and I have not done anything yet *sob*


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Give me the dates, I see if I can extend my holiday in KL. ;)
March 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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