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Fazed Book

Due to a recent unfortunate incident in FaceBook, I have decided not to continue to use it. Its open concept for the whole wide world to voyeur in has never been agreeable to me. But it has managed to get me connected with a few friends whom I have not had any contacts with for a long, long time. So there are some plus points.

I shall therefore, leave it 'lying about'. The rest of my family around the world uses it to share pictures, so perhaps, that's probably the only use for it.

For those of you who wish to contact me, please pick up the phone, write me an email and perhaps even surprise me with a card or two, complete with stamps and all. I shan't be checking the FaceBook much so forgive me if I do not reply messages posted there.

If not and you still wish to find out what's going on in my life, drop by at my blog here every once in a while. No promises of regular updates but every once in a while the writing bug bites and it gets done.

Goodbye Fazed Book.

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