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For 6 days, from March 12th 19 of us were cooped up in a studio for at least 8 hours a day. 17 students, me and the pianist. It was Intensive Study Period. Intensive, yes IT WAS.

For all those days, except the last, I came home and almost flopped into bed. And I was not of the of the 'study-er'. On the last day, I was busy dishing out those reports. I wanted to do them while they were 'fresh' in my brain. A few days after, things may become a little hazy........and since it's a few days break for me, it'll become quite a 'Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer'

This bunch are a fun lot too. I am glad I got 'fun' people. Then again, this year, they are the ONLY 101 lot. This is my 2nd year doing 101 and I am really enjoying it now. I spent many hours tweaking my session plans, trying to cram as much as I could and yet make the load bearable.

It's always fun when one teaches and there's responses. I am sure if the sessions were like being conducted in a morgue, I'll be deader than dead before the day is over. But as it is, we had a lot done plus we managed to get lots of laughs into it too.

Being a 'horrible and wicked person' that I am, my fun-nest moment was when I switched the leaders of the indivdual groups after they spent quite a few minutes working out an enchainement. I could actually 'hear' some of them say "s**t" under their breath.

It was quite a nerve-wreaking for Eugenie when the 30minute DVD RW was running out. I swear she was jumping up and down inside, while watching the counter on the camera countdown. I think I need a camera-person next time if I conduct ISP again. When students dance to the side, they just 'fall off' the screen. I shall need somebody to hold the camera and 'follow' them. That will be nice.

With all the 'tweaking' and all, I think this year was a more organised affair. I made sure students do loads of assignments before this and reminded them about this, about that and about the other. I think they must have thought I was rather naggy - which I was anyway, I guess.

After the Assessment on the final day, it was photo time. Here they are

    The Class of 2009.

Here am I, Bea my only overseas student from the Phillipines took this, looking pensive. Wonder what was I thinking............

To my Class of 2009, I wish you all the best to all your future modules. God Bless and Stay in touch.

Reader Comments (3)

Hi Ms. Katy,

It was a very nice experience for me. And that enchainment you were talking about is the most fun one. I can still recall Crystal's face when she knew she's about to do grand allegro. Me and Wai Wai can't help ourselves laughing at the the back. :) It's nice to know I have classmates. :)
March 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBea Puno Neri
Yep, It was really an INTENSIVE STUDY PERIOD! I am glad that I am still alive!! Anyway, it was a very nice 6 days to get to know so many friends and also be able to share and discuss all those experiences that we have with our students. And not forgetting those tons of information that 'download' from your (Ms Katy) memory to ours. I must confess that I actually 'archive' them instead of reviewing them every night before going to bed, to clear and prepare for the next adventurous day.

Thank you so much for the 6 wonderful days. I also know that you had done a lot of preparation in order to make it a successful ISP 101. I am not only referring to all those information and stuff that you had prepared for us, more importanly that our 101 was fun and enjoyable one.

March 23, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterwai wai
Yeap, yeap! I had fun too. I don't mind more ISP WITHOUT the assessment......he he he.

Love this group! =)
April 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCrystal

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