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They say a picture paints a thousand words. Here's a thousand words......................

I picked Adam and Joshua up in the morning. Them, their dad and I had roti for breakfast. After that, the toilet was occupied so they piled into my car without emptying their bladder. This was after water from their water bottle AND a 100Plus. Halfway to Melawati to pick Meg and Kirsten up, Joshua said, "Tai Good Ma, I want to wee wee". Those few words spelt doom for me. So I asked him, "can you wait? we are nearly there." "Ok, I pause!" There speaks the brave 3 going on 4 year old. Subsequently, not a peep from him till we got there. He was 'pausing'.

We could not even wait to get inside. Right in the carpark, he needs to wee wee. Then came the problem. It's at least 20 years since I 'helped' a small boy wee wee. I was at a loss! How to 'help' him not get his pants wet. But in moments of desperation, one sort of recollects fast.

On the way to Melawati, Adam and Joshua was chatting away with me..........chatter, chatter, yak, yak, sing, sing etc, etc. Then when Meg and Kirst got in the car, THEY were doing all the etc............ I was quite tired out when we got to Alison's college to pick her up and was relieved they were doing all the etc with each other at the back.

They were comparing ages, exchanging  opinions on stuff. Joshua was even trying to convince Kirsten that being 'botak' is very nice. There was the 'I saw this gross thing on TV' and 'I saw this grossier thing on TV' topic.

We got to Sunway Pyramid to meet my sister and her 2 kids, Ben and Jason. We had MacDonald's for lunch. Actually, to me, that was gross - junk food. Then again, I made some kids happy. Michelle, my sis then announced that Marley and me is only on at 6.45PM

So off we went to her house for ice-cream and water games. They were VERY wet!

Marley & me turned out to be not as good as the book (so what's new, movies always turned out that way) But we still cried. Joshua 'walluped' nearly everybody's popcorn. Between him, Adam and Kirsten, they managed to irritate those people in the row in front quite a bit. There was a moment I thought Josh was going to climb over to sit with them. Also, Josh has not learnt volume control with his voice yet. Nearly every comment was in volume counter 9 in a volume counter with a maximum of 10!

Fun began for me when we got home to my place. The challenge of getting them to bed was as overwhelming as the one Froddo and Sam had when they quested to drop the ring into the pit of fire. But it seemed to all come back to me....... stay in the room with them, lights out, have a glass of water ready for the water request. don't look at them, don't engage in any conversation. *pats on my back* *well done*

This morning, I was woken up just when the sun peeps out of the horizon by whispering. They were trying not to wake me by whispering but their whispers were louder than their normal voices. I tried to pretend to be asleep but after 5 minutes, it was too deafening.

Then I found out Wookie had a great adventure. He had to sleep in David's room last night because he got too excited with Adam and Josh in my room. But when David took him down in the morning, he somehow managed to get back upstairs, got on the airbed with Adam and Josh and tried to wake them up with licks. Didn't work. Meg took him down.

The morning was filled with happy kids yell/chatter etc. They explored the garden, floated leaf boats in Andrew's pond (a fact that I omitted to mention to him and one which he will not find out since he does not read my blog) After that, we went to a mamak breakfast and went grocery shopping for my parents. Now I understand why parents with more than 2 or 3 kids seemed to be in a perpetual shut off mode. If they don't do that, they will over-stress themselves.

These bundles of joy were safely delivered to their destinations by afternoon and so far none of the parents have called to complain about the over-excessive input of junk food and its consequences.

I had a BLAST of a time. Will I do it again? Absolutely! But not too soon. I need to recover. Wookie NEEDS to recover. Even Princess, my sis' lovely poodle needs to recover.

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