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Adventure at the hospital

My friend, Ann had been ill. So this morning, Alison and I made our way to Universiti Hospital. That place is ONE HUGE MAZE!

We 'snaked' our way up into the parking, then meandered through corridors, climbed up and down stairs, rode on several lifts. All that while, I was worried we will not be able to get back to the car again.

Ann is feeling a little better than yesterday. Praying for her recovery. It was really difficult to get into her ward. The security door is always closed. Most of the time, people just sort of wait till somebody comes out and quickly slip in.

When we got back to the car, an IDIOT parked right behind me and blocked my way out. I blew my horn but nobody came. Then a nice gentleman came over and told me to go get the parking attendant to see if they can do anything. But before I did that, the lady of the car next to me drove off and I manoeuvred my way out. It was good that I took my tiny Viva. If it had been the Matrix, I'll still be stuck. Whilst I was moving back and forth, squeezing my way out, the attendants came. One of them had a long thick wire with him and according to Alison, the other had a whole bunch of keys. I suspect if the car next to me had not left, they might even 'jimmy' the car or use those keys to move it. This Idiot is a bigger idiot than one who parks at Disabled Parking lot. Then again, I am also pretty sure this IDIOT is probably also a Disabled Park IDIOT.

When we got back home, I insisted that we (Alison and I) both bathe and wash our hair. Whilst wondering around the hospital, we also came across one area that says ' Infectious Disease' It's always good to take precautions.

During the wanderings in those numerous corridors, some of them reminded me so much of Kingdom Hospital, a mini series adapted from Stephen King. I enjoyed the series. I only did not like the way it ended. But anyways, it felt as if I was IN Kingdom Hospital. While we were waiting for the 'forever to arrive' lift. I reminded Alison about the ghostly girl in Kingdom who always cries in the lift because she lost her doll there. "MUMMY!" that was her reaction.

When I go to Universiti Hospital again, I will never ever park in the multi-storey car park again.

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