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Wookie's Toilet

"Urgent Need for Wookie's Toilet. Donations of old newspapers appreciated!"

That was the text message sent out early February.

Wookie is just NOT an environmental dog. He does not believe in recycling. For a tiny pooch, we often wonder where all those water (pee) comes from. These days, ever since we made home-cooked meals for him, he does not even drink his water, unless he's EXTREMELY thirsty.

He will pee a little on the newspaper spread out for him and then walk away. If the paper is not changed, he will NOT pee on it again, even if the pee is only on 10% of the entire spread. So what does he do? He'll find another spot ON THE FLOOR! The way to keep him for doing so is to keep changing the papers.

Therefore, we are always in a tight spot. There were several occasions whereby current newspapers had to be used. During Chinese New Year when newspapers were scarce, we even had to BUY them JUST FOR the toilet.

Talk about being fussy! Wooks love The Star. He's tolerant to The Sun and occasionally The New Straits Times. But he's not partial to chinese nor tamil newspapers. Alison said that he does not know how to read them. My guess is, it's perhaps the 'feel' of the paper. Chinese newspapers are thin and not absorbent. Or perhaps it's the smell of the ink. Who knows. He's been known, on occasions, the shred up certain editions for no apparent reason. Maybe, he read something which he disapproves. I have absolutely no idea.

But the crunch of it is, we are AGAIN short of paper. Donations please!

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