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It's a sin to tell a lie

Overheard whilst shopping in Pavillon last year

This lady was talking on the her cellphone and browsing through some Christmas items on special. Then she said, "I am sorry, I have to go. I am driving."

I wonder if she knows that the other party CAN disern if she's in a car or in a shopping complex. All those jingle-belly music in the background would have given the game away.

Overheard whilst having lunch in a kopitiam in Melawati

"I am in a meeting, can't talk now"

The other party MUST have heard, "kopi O, shuet cha........." being yelled on top of the kopitiam boss' voice.

Happened to me

Was asked, "so what time did you sleep last night?" "2-ish"

"Wow! So late ah. What were you doing? Working?"

................Did not answer

I was actually hard at work....................... on my DS game :p

Guilty as charged

Calls Alison while on the way to pick her up. "I am at the toll"

Whereas in fact, I am turning out of the highway approaching the toll. To lie at these circumstances is a must because Missy Ally takes forever to get down to the foyer.

Shoddy assignments passed up

"But Ms Katy, I don't understand the question"

If questions are not understood or mis-interpreted, the assignment will still be done but done the wrong way. When it's NOT done, it just was NOT done!

Still on assignments, another good one

"Ms Katy, I have problems with my hotmail."

That 'problem' persisted for 3-4 days. If such is the case, other people would have complained. But it only happened to just one person.

The infamous 'On the way, on the way'

Undoubtedly, the person IS 'On the way' but has just probably put on his underwear after his shower.

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*laughs* usually I'd just go with the "Sorry I'm busy, so please make it quick or call me later" I don't have to actually mention what I am busy with!! hehe ..
March 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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