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The Kingdom of Sweets

I should probably be marking that pile of final assignments but blogging about the upcoming concert is a lot more interesting.

I began rehearsals in a small scale last week. It was just a 15 minute thingy at the end of class but it spurred the kids on so much. I did not know they were THAT excited!

The rule was, we do class work first, making sure exam stuff is done and done well. If they are not good, it would mean, repetitions, which means taking up a lot of time, which means not enough time left for concert practice. This weekend, I suddenly saw a marked overall improvement! Mmmmmmmm, maybe I should dangle this 'concert carrot' every year.

The Dance of the Sugar Plums are coming along nicely. They 'fought' to get the difficult polka round the room bit. My Candy Cane March clattered along in their character shoes. But the 'fun-nest' one was 'Tiramisu', a tambourine dance. Somewhere in the middle, they are almost tied up in knots.

Not only students are excited. The parents are too! A daddy has already volunteered to get sponsorship for programmes. A mummy will help with refreshments.........more, more, more......................

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