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Expressive Dogs

I think more dogs should participate in the performing arts. They are so expressive. For example;

I ask Wookie, "Hungry?"

And he will give me an immediate up turn of the corners of the mouth . With a leap and a bound, he'll go in search of his favourite green ball.


If I ask him, "Why did you go and pee there? Is the newspaper not good enough for you? I know it's Chinese paper and I know you don't read Chinese but it's only to pee on!"

His head will stoop lower and lower and eventually, he'll sink down to the floor. Not to mention the reaction of his bushy tail. It'll lower itself down  and pretty soon, it'll sweep the floor.


When I come home after a long day, he'll be waiting for me at the door with the pendulum of his tail swinging at half a second per swing (Interpretation - You are home, you are home! I have missed you)

HUMAN reaction;

(Specifically, my own kids) - Nowhere to be seen. They are probably holed up somewhere in their rooms, oblivious to the fact that Mummy's home

At the studio,

"Ok Girls, it's winter. It's dull, gray and cold. Nothing is growing. The flowers are gone, not a tiny piece of greenery. You are stuck in the house with nothing to do. "The expression given is ...............


"Ok, the cold is gone. It's spring time. The bunnies are hopping about. The tulips are coming out. It's happy, happy time!" And the expression given will be ............


Last night, at about 1AM, Wookie and I heard a dog yelping outside. (The rest of the Cheongs are fast asleep)

He gave me a 'look' - interpretation "What was that, Mummy?"

We both went to the door to investigate.

Then, there were barkings outside - interpretation "I was whacked!"

Wookie replied with growls and barks - interpretation "What monsters!How can they do things like that? Are you ok?"

Replied, "Ok, I guess. I'll live. I always do. You lucky la. You have such a good life, no whacking"

Wookie said, "Ya, It's a good life here for me"

Me, "You done chatting? I am going to close the door"

Wookie moved back to let me close the door.

Dogs can be so expressive.

If this happens with my human students the reaction would probably be........... continue to plaster butts on the couch with the STOIC expression on the face.

Reader Comments (3)

so.. you want to include Wookie in the next production? kakaka
April 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdyc
As a proud Mummy, I would love that but logistic-wise, it's not wise. Due to his 'diva' temperaments, he will drive the production team bananas. And Pastor will say, "This year's production has gone to the dogs!"
April 15, 2009 | Registered CommenterKaty
Doggone it!
April 18, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdyc

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