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Midsomer Murders

Conversation over dinner

Me: I think this weekend I am going for Saturday evening service. I want to stay home to watch Midsomer Murders on Sunday morning.

Andrew: You are crazy.

Me: It's either that or stay up for the 4AM repeat on Saturday morning. And I can't do that. I won't be able to function the rest of the day.

Alison: That's why I ask you to swap classes with Bee Hong Cheh Cheh. You teach Thursday and you can stay home to watch Midsomer on Fridays. (She has an ulterior motive for this encouragement. If I teach on Thursdays, I can go to pasar malam to buy her kuah chee and her bubble tea)

Andrew: You are crazy!

Alison: But Mummy, your classes on Sunday begins at 1.15PM and Midsomer finishes at 1PM!

Me: Oh Shucks! Look! There's very few things I enjoy in life. One is Midsomer Murders.......and CSI..........and X-Files..........and Dexter...........and Babylon 5...........and Star Wars............and ..............

Andrew AND Alison: Ok ok, we get it! There are only VERY FEW things you enjoy!

It's irritating. Midsomer Murders have always had the Friday 9PM slot on Hallmark Channel which I could never watch because I have classes. But they always had a repeat on Sunday nights at 11PM, which is more agreeable for me. It was a sort of highlight of my week. But lately, they've taken away that repeat slot. They have replaced it The Biggest Loser, which they repeat about half a dozen times a day! WHY HAVE THEY TAKEN AWAY MY MIDSOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been something to help me look forward to another week. A reward to have accomplished one week. Why, why, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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