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PTS Adventure in Seremban

On Tuesday, I went on my 1st 'outstation' PTS visit. I had been sick for about 5 days already. My voice was totally gone and I was under medication. Andrew called me on Monday evening and said, "I am driving you down to Seremban tomorrow. You are under medication, it's not safe"

How nice! But I strangely suspect he does not want to get me from some out of the way kampung somewhere when I get lost. This is the 1st time I am driving south from Klang. It'll be a different route from what I am used to.

So when Tuesday came, I went about doing all the stuff I do before a visit, checking the class plan, all the paperwork and to make sure I have everything. And off we went. We got there early so we scout around for some dinner. Halfway through (dinner, I mean) there was a power outtage.

'It better be temporary' I thought. But it turned out to be VERY major. Nearly the whole of Seremban 2, which is the new area was out. So I sat at the ballet school and waited. And waited. AND WAITED! But it grew darker and darker and it was sweltering. There was no way class could go on.

So then, we made our way back home. All the way......................for nothing. What a bummer! I have to go back again next week. But at least I know the way now.

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