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Why is your hair so messy?

Michelle of my little Primary class came up to me today, with money clasped tightly in the palm of her hand.

"Teacher, fees."

"Ok, thanks"

She stared hard at me and then remarked, "Why is you hair so messy?" (I distinctly hear a tone which mothers reserve for their kids when they comment about their hair/clothes/state of their room.........)

"Oh, I have no money to buy a comb. But now you gave me so much money, I shall be able to buy a comb and this will not happen again"

It took about half a second for her little 6 year old brain to process and she replied with a "Ok" and promptly went off to chat with her classmates.

Background to the reason why this scenario transpired;

I had some time to kill when I finished my appointment early last Friday and it was not time for classes yet. So I popped over to Yivonne, my hair stylist. I thought she'll give me a trim or perhaps a new colour for the hair but she suggested a perm. Stupid, stupid me got 'sucked' into the 'just a body perm to give it some volume' portal.

It turned out to be VERY wavey and the curls are tight, almost afro-like. I had been experimenting with it, to see how I can tame it a little further.Today it just turned out to be Michelle said, messy!

I am going to see her again tomorrow. I better NOT BE MESSY!

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