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My friend, Patrick

Patrick and I have been friends for a long long time. I got to know him when, in those days, nobody could help me with my computer woes. He taught me a lot of things concerning computers.

Ours is a sort of unique friendship. We don't belong to the same age group, not even close. I am pretty sure our interests are vastly different too. He thinks my obsession for Midsomer Murders is  crazy. "Why can't you be interested in a more popular series?" he asked.

But we are comfortable in each other's company. We can talk about many different topics, debate our views and respect them. We share the same and somewhat sarcastic humour, although he will always tell me that mine is 'gross'.

Most of the time, when we meet up, it will be over a cup of coffee/tea. But we'll probably be sitting down somewhere together but totally in a different world. He'll probably be on his laptop and I'll probably be playing the latest game he gave me on the Palm, when I used to have  a Palm. These days, it's usually 'Bluetooth-ing stuff'

When ever I am in a 'sticky' situation, I can count on him to dig me out. Most of the time, I only need to yell, "HELP!"

When it comes to tech savvy-ness, he can read me like a book. Today, at the coffee place, we were checking out ringtones (at least I was checking it out). "Too loud. TOO LOUD", he said.

"I don't know how to make it softer"

"Cover the speaker la" ......................."Next you'll tell me you don't know where the speaker is!"

I cackled and handed my phone to him to tell me where's the speaker.

What I like about Patrick is he is unpretentious. And yes, the fact that I am comfortable with him.



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