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In the past month

It's amazing how many things can happen in a month.

There were those classes upon classes to teach to prepare those kids for the exam. But in my opinion, if improvements have not been made before, those last few weeks leading up to the exam would not make much of a difference. So parents please take note, if you decide that your child needs to skip lessons for reasons such as, **** Saturday replacement classes in school, holidays, shopping, parties or just because you do not feel like driving your child to ballet school. Then suddenly, a few weeks leading up to the exam dutifully chauffeur her to classes and expect me to perform a miracle, THINK AGAIN!

Then there's the passing of a dear, dear man. He was only 68. It was such a short time from when the liver cancer was discovered and his passing. But he was in so much pain and God decided that enough is enough and took him back to heaven. God Rest His Soul.

And there was a wedding. Ching Li was one of my 1st assistant in the school. She is such a dedicated teacher. Dedicated teachers are often 'married' to their vocation. So I am glad she has found a life partner who understands her passion for dance and loves her for it. God Bless Both Of You.

Alison celebrated her 19th birthday in Jarod and Rawlins. It's a pretty interesting place. Food was, so-so. But she had a great time, so that's most important.

Competition is next week. We've been having practices and somehow, I feel as if the girls are going BACKWARDS! Instead of improving, they are either stagnant or 'deproving'. *sigh* C'est la vie. Costume selections was driving me bananas. In the end, my statement, "If you can't decide on anything or show me something, go in naked!"

Then the EXAM! If ever there was the most ill-prepared year, it will be 2009! The Pre-Primaries gave me a heart attack. They sort of stared at me with the 'blur-est' look in their faces. And the only time the whole group was dancing together was THE DAY of the exam. Up until then, they've been taking turns to be absent.I better brace myself for the result.

Last weekend, 17th May marked the 1st anniversary of the Great Migration to Klang. Yup, it's already a year. To celebrate that, we had our house dedication. It was a great time with our friends. To those who came, thank you. You had to go 'outstation' to attend the dedication. We appreciated your coming.

The next day, I had to move several tables which had fallen in the night from a storm. And stupid, stupid me pulled some muscles on my right arm. I can't even manoeuvre the mouse properly now and it's been 4 days.

Preparation for the concert is underway. Choreography is swimming about in my brain. I can't wait to teach them the next few weeks and clear the clutter and perhaps, I may have a bit of a rest after that.

I caught up with my TV time. I tackled The Shield, Season 6 and 7. I very excitedly watched the last few episodes of the Season 7 which is the final season, only to discover that I do NOT have the final episode! The absolute finale. *sigh* Of course I know what happened. You can't be a fan and not know what happened. But one must SEE it to actually believe that it's the end! double *sigh*

David won a PSP a while back. But he's outgrown gaming ( my son has outgrown gaming and I have not!) So I bought it from him at a very good price and am now learning to 'drive' a new console. My 1st game PoPoLoCrois. Just got it yesterday. So I do not know if I like it or not .

Wookie also turned 4 this month. He's looking great and healthy. Now that we've discovered what he was allergic to, those frequent puking and sick incidents are a thing of the past.

There now! I have updated!



Reader Comments (2)

What?! Ms Loo is married?

*grumbles* One of the reasons I don't like living in Singapore is because I keep missing out on all these important events... marriages, births...
May 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
Stay tuned and I'll try to keep you updated.
May 29, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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