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Dino Trek 2

Immediately after the last entry, I fell ill. I coughed and coughed and coughed and COUGHED! Then my nose started running away....................

Nope, it's not the H1N1. Just a bad case of "It's holiday time! Free to be sick time!" Needless to say, I spent my break not doing much. I even spent the week AFTER the break not doing much.

When I had to cancel class, stay home and could not even watch TV, THAT'S being Very SICK in my books. Could not watch TV????? ME??????

Despite being sick, I managed to do some stuff -

I spent time with an old friend, whom I have not seen for many years. Rekindling friendships is always nice.

I went to the Dino Trek 2. Where's Dino Trek 1? Last Thursday, I set off to my sister's house in USJ to collect my nephews, Jason, Adam and Joshua.

"What time does the place open?", I asked

"11AM" somebody answered me.

"Ok. I'll come at 10AM. Make sure you boys are ready"


So at 10, I picked them up. They were supposed to stay over with me so I don't have to make that extra trip to USJ but Adam and Josh decided that Wookie is very 'fasty' and Princess is only 'fast'. (Princess is my sister's toy poodle) so they prefer to stay with a 'fast' dog. But to console me, Adam maintained that his other cousin has a white dog, Snowy, who is 'Master Fasty'. I am a little mollified.

When we got there at 11AM. The queue was longer than the longest anaconda on that lousy Anaconda movie! (Overheard the daddy in front of me asking his daughter - "Why did you say they open at 11? They open at 9.30!!" "No? Where got? Where I say 11? I said 9.30") I actually believed the father. Parents do not make mistakes like that.

At that moment, I was in a panic. I have a 11 year old, 6 year old and a 6 year old. All whom do not belong to me. And now they tell me, to get into Dino Trek 2, I have to wait till 2PM and for the rest of the place at 3PM! They WILL NOT LAST THAT LONG! I WILL NOT LAST THAT LONG!

Then suddenly, they announced that we can get into Dino Trek immediately. So I made an executive decision, "Ok boys, we can get into Dino Trek. The other place full so we go on the next holidays" "YAY!" (That was the response. Yay for me too!)

Everything inside the Dino Trek was so interactive. That means lots of touching, feeling blahs! And here I was, so worried about Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. I had a whole huge pack of Wet Ones in my bag.When Josh wanted to become a paleontologist and climb into the sandpit to 'dig' his dinosaur bones, I freaked! He was already removing his slippers. "No, NO, Darling!"

"I want!" semi-wailing.

"Are you guys hungry? Let's go and grab some KFC!"

Food - always a good distraction. And with Josh ALWAYS a good distraction.

We did not get KFC in the end but ended up in MacDonald's. Poor Josh was already half asleep while he was munching his fries, so it was a good executive call to cancel the rest of the tour.

Adam, Jason & JoshuaThis is the only decent picture of all three of them together. For most of the time, they were doing different things all at the same time!

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