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The bus driver's story

The following was related to me by someone, who heard it from someone else;

The bus driver's story.

He always drove the same route. This particular bus passed the Sunway Pyramid and it goes on a semi long distance route into a quiet housing estate. The driver will usually pick up some of his last passengers from Pyramid at about 11.15PM. They are mostly workers in the complex, going home after closing up at 10 or 10.30PM

There isn't an official bus stop in front of the Pyramid. Most of the time, people sort of 'spilled over' onto the road, which was actually a highway, making it very dangerous. But at the end of the day, everybody wanted to go home as soon as possible, therefore, they pushed and jostled to get into the bus. And if you wait further out on the road, the chances of getting into the bus is higher.

This particular driver noticed that, despite the pushing and jostling, there was a young girl who never did so. She will stand at a short distance and wait till everybody is done with the pushing and she will get on the bus. The driver always made sure she got on.

She was a regular commuter on this bus for 2 years and yet, they never spoke to each other. She will get on the bus, use her Touch N Go card, and walk right to the end.

One night, the driver saw her waiting at her usual 'short distance away' but after everybody got in, she continued to stand at her place and did not walk towards the bus. So he beckons her. After several minutes, she did get on the bus.

After that fateful day, the 'ritual' of having to beckon her continued. It went on for several weeks. The driver began to notice that she's always wearing the same clothes. "Perhaps it's a uniform", he thought.

One night, a lady asked the driver why he always waits for a few minutes after the last person gets on the bus and who was he beckoning to. He told her it was the young girl in the red blouse with black slacks.

Several nights later, the same lady spoke to the driver. "Uncle, you say you wait for a girl, but after you call, nobody come in then you move?"

"What do you mean nobody come in. There, that girl at the back"

He turned around to indicate to the lady where the girl was sitting. He saw an empty seat. He stopped the bus and look around at the back, muttering to himself, "Where did she go?"

"Uncle. Every night also you do the same thing. Wait for a while, then move but nobody comes in"

"Who say! Got la. The girl who always come in last one ah. You know which one, right?"

"Oh ya, I remember, that girl who works in the dress shop one ma. She very quiet one. But she died about a month ago!"

"Where got! Just now only got on the bus la"

"Then where is she?"

"Maybe she got out at a stop"

"No, Uncle. She died about a month ago. She was standing at the corner waiting for the bus, a car trun corner very fast and hit her. She died on the way to the hospital"


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