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Competition 2009

Hurry, hurry, quick,quick. I am going to a movie with Alison and I want to get this out. It's still new news now but when I get another chance to do another posting, it may be old news.

Competition! It was so refreshing to attend the competition as a spectator and not the organisor. I sat back, relaxed and enjoy. Well, two out of three is not bad. The 'relax' bit could not be done. For the 1st time since I entered students in for competition, I actually felt nervous for them! I pondered on the reason....... previously, I had not time to feel that way!

All the 6 girls.

Over the 3 day period, they were made to do all sorts of stuff, classes, enchainment competitions, elimination and the FINALS!

Out of six, four got into finals. But in my book, they were all winners because I have seen tremendous improvement in their individual technique. To me, that's their self-improvement that counts. If the work was 40% before and now it's 75%, that's good enough for me.


Here are the four, Bee Hong, Priscilla, Pei Wun and Pei Jean with lots of well-wishers and friends. I could not be there because I was keeping the Patron company.

The the result............

Pei Wun for consolation in Category 2

Pei Jean for 3rd prize in Category 3.

Hurray for the Han sisters!

To all others, well done too!


Reader Comments (2)

Congratulations girls!! I'm so proud of you all and missing y'all!
The pics are small, can I view elsewhere?
June 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterpL
yays for Dance Arts! pass my congrats to Pei Wun and her sister. =) everyone's costumes look soo preddy.
July 3, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersuejan

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