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Do Not Judge Me

Do not judge me

Do you really know me? Do you really know me enough to judge me?

Have you been inside my head? Do you know what is going on in my life?

Do you feel the pain?

Do not judge me

Do you feel the turmoil that is going on inside?

Do you know many times I have cried to God, why, why, WHY?

Yet not my will but His....but WHY does it have to be so difficult

Why must there be struggles and why the pain?

Do not judge me

You do not know me well enough

You only see but one facet of me

When I smile, it does not mean all's well with me but when I don't it does not also mean all's not

Do not psychoanalyse me, do not put me in typical boxes

Do not judge me

When you ask me, 'How are you' and I answer 'ok', it does not mean that I am.

It merely means I do not wish to elaborate for fear that you

Will judge me

When the dark night covers the mind like a shroud,

I and me are the only company,

Insecurites and fear craves to be playmates.

Banished only with cries to God

Can you trust me?

Do not judge me

Do not judge me

Let me alone to lick my wounds in a dark corner

Let the Healing Balm of God's Touch work a miracle

But when will it complete? When will it stop hurting?

When will it be better?

Every time I pulled myself up two rungs, I semed to be pushed down three by 'Circumstances'

Will it ever end?


Do not judge me

I am not always a pillar of strength

When I am not,

Do not judge me

Leave me alone

Do not judge me


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