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The Kingdom Of Sweets 3

It's so close now. Just a little more than a week away. All seemed set. I have done all my notes, the stage manager's notes, the cues. The programme is at the printer. The T-shirts are coming along. I should hear from the licensing board soon. Technical meeting is all set up. Costumes all done. I am all set for this weekend's killer schedule - 6 hours of rehearsal both on Saturday AND Sunday.

A few days ago, when I was really sick, when my morale was low and when I could not get to the studio to teach and rehearse, I felt so NOT READY.

I used to love to do jigsaw puzzles. I still do, only my eyesight does not permit anymore. But I always feel that 'rush' when I am near the end, nearly completing the puzzle. The last few puzzles placed in its place at super speed. Sometimes, I have the image imprinted in my brain, I do not even need to see when I place the pieces. I just 'know'.

I think I am feeling that 'rush' now. Or, perhaps I am 'high' on medication? Nevertheless, It seemed to be coming altogether.

Yes, the magic has began. Let the show begin......................................

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