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Alison and I took Wookie to the vet last Thursday. He went to the groomer's on Wednesday and they noticed some rashes on his tummy.

I suspected it could be the floor detergent the weekly cleaner uses. I have repeatedly told her to use mine. I shall insist that she don't make that mistake again.

The rashes cleared up in 2 days! The vet actually suggested castration for him too. She said, that the testes could be abrasing the groin. What a drastic action! To castrate because of skin irritation! I wonder how many eunachs of the olden days do it for skin irritation.

During these past few days, while he was on medication, he seemed a little more moody, demanding more attention and affection. Anything for my Baby.

While we were at the vet, there were 3 Rotweillers. Big, massive, majestic and intimidating. When they walk in to the waiting room, you could see that everybody either took a step back or pushed their chairs a close as possible to the wall. There were other smaller dogs and cats too but Wookie decided he 'belonged' to the bigger group. He only barked at the Rotweillers. But I was afraid he will just irritate them. They could just chomp Wooks up, lick their lips and think, 'mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I am still hungry!'. So everytime, one of them walk past, I had to distract Wookie by holding his face CLOSE to mine, thuse covering his side view.

And Wooks weight a grand total of 6.9 KG now! I looked at the chart for weights of different dog breeds. A shih tzu should be between 5-7 KG. He's very nearly there!!!!! A little bit more and he's an overweight dog. Then I can enter him into the 'World's Biggest Loser', dog category!


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