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Adam & Josh stayed over

I had my nephews, Adam and Joshua staying over yesterday.

Here's some of the hghlights;

I followed the directions in the text message sent to me by their Dad and swept into a lovely driveway of Joshua's Kindergarten. Before I could even wind down the window to ask for him, he was walking out, holding onto his teacher's hand, with his face beaming from ear to ear. Apparently, he was yelling to his teacher, "That's my car, that's my car", even when I just got passed the gate.

Then he asked, "What are we eating?" "What do you want to eat?" With a glint in his eye ( I saw it with my rear view mirror), he said, "MacDonald" He did not exactly get that for lunch but he did get it later on for a snack. I found out today Dad actually told him NO MacDonald. He just omitted to tell me that. But, Alison remarked that he DID say Dad said no MacD but in a VERY tiny, soft voice.

We had some time to kill so we went to 1U for lunch and to do some grocery shopping. While I was parking, he remarked, "I think it's just dust". Then when we got out of the car, he looked at me and earnestly said, "You need to wash your car" OUCH! Did I mention he's only 4?

"What time is bedtime, Joshua?" "10.30" (Please note that he said it without blinking nor hesitating) "Don't bluff! It's 9 o'clock right?" "He he he"

Then we proceeded to pick Adam from school. There was a bit of a drama due to the fact that he could not find his bag. Needless to say, being 1st day on the job here, I was rather stressed. Half and hour later, with his bag safely by his side in the car, he told me about his concert rehearsals. "I didn't want to smile. So I put on a mask" "Oh! What mask is that?" "A smiling mask. It has my skin but it's not me" I thought this is a darn good one. I made a mental note to use it for my students. "If you do not feel like smiling, just put on your smiling mask"

Adam and Joshua called Wookie, 'Fasty',which means he's hyperactive and jumpy and super friendly. They could not take his over-friendliness. BUT this time, they were great with him and even managed to receive a Wookie Challenge award each. However, this morning, Joshua left one of my cork placemats on the sofa. When I got back from a spot of shopping with Joshua, the whole sofa and floor was strewn with cork bits. Needed to put away groceries, vacuum, remove the sofa covers to wash AND mop the floor! Super stressed!

They loved my dinner. It was just a simple dinner of soup, rice and mincemeat. Joshua even requested for another round the next time they stay over.

Adam got up early to go to school. He's quite a morning person, no fuss etc. That's good, I guess. Being older, he also did not pee in bed. Joshua did!

In the Cheong household, we are all grownups. It's rather nice to have little ones around every once in a while. It's great for Wookie too, to let him know he's NOT the king of the world.




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