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Yes, migration is seriously on my mind.

One of the groups of dancers in last week's concert was so bad, I thought I needed to change my name and migrate. But that's not the actual reason.

The actual reason is the haze. It's so bad these days, one feels is if one is wandering in a dream-like state. There were certain moments when it felt as if I have gone back to foggy London, then the tropical heat hits me, and I am slapped back into reality.

Any moment now, I am expecting strange deadly creatures to venture out of the haze to kill or maim us, like in Stephen King's Myst. Perhaps, they are, already, except those deadly creatures kill or maim one's respiratory organs. I have been to the doctors no less than 3 times now for the past month, for coughs and sore throats. The other members of the family have been taking turns with me too. We are quite notorious with Dr. Tay now. I even have chats with him about Hong Kong singers' concerts and awful wedding dinners he's been to.

Back to the subject at hand.............migration. I want to migrate to some nice quiet island. That island must not be very small. It must have some small town somewhere, where I can go to, when I get too lonely in my small but adequate house by the sea. It must have a CLEAR SKY. The air must smell fresh. It must not be laced with a smokey, chokey smell. The sun must not be red. The water must be clear.

Does such a place exist? But not without a hefty price tag, I am sure. One which I definitely CAN'T afford. So meantime, I'll just be sniffing smokey air like the rest of Malaysians.

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