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25 glorious years!

Andrew and I went to Camerons Highlands over the weekend. We only stayed a night. Andrew did not want to 'crawl' back in the jam on Monday, 31st, since school and work week begins on Tuesday. Turned out it was a good call. Patrick told me it was a slow and painful 6 hour journey from Penang.

Andrew and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary yesterday. It all began in Camerons 30 years ago. We went there for a youth camp. So it was only fitting to go back to where it all began. On our way up, (we took the new way, the Simpang Pulai way) we saw lots of wild orchids on the side of the road. Andrew stopped to retrieve a few and fell into a drain. Poor thing. But he got the orchids and they are now sitting pretty in a pot in the garden.

It was so cold up in Camerons. SO COLD! Made me remember why I have not made my way back to London after all these years. I, however, enjoyed freezing my butt off for a day. The hotel had a huge roaring fire on in the lobby but there were so many people 'parking' themselves in front of it. We did not have a chance at all. So instead of warming ourselves up with the fire, we had a drink each. Whilst I was sipping my sherry flavoured water (they added lots of ice) I witnessed a young boy running into a glass door. Poor thing, it must have hurt bad because it made such a loud bang. But what I really wanted to comment about was this weird man who saw it and LAUGHED! I cannot understand why he laughed. I don't think a boy holding his head, screaming in pain is funny. Many others did not too. There were quite a few concerned people running to the scene, and this man LAUGHED!

In the bid to maximise my 'cold thrill' I left the balcony door open for a good 2 hours. With that action, I caught a cold. My nose ran, my throat itched but after a good day's sleep yesterday, it's alright now.

Last night, we went out for dinner. But Andrew forgot to book and we were left waiting for 45 minutes for a table. So in the end, we went somewhere else. The Peking Duck was delicious. I am not sure of the prawns and fish because I did not have any. But others said they were good. This place has an obsession with lemongrass. Even the hand towels had lemongrass smell on them. Antiseptic???

We adjourned to get our Tiramisu fix but they had none left! So I settled for a cappucino instead.

In a blink of an eye, the long weekend has ended. Now it's back to the humdrum week-to-week life.

25 years is an achievement, if I may say so myself. After the initial flush of 'getting-to-know you', sex and such, it's settling into a life together filled with companionship, of being comfortable with each other. Sharing a life filled with mutual understanding, filled with laughter. We do not necessarily enjoy the same shows, movies or even books. My idea of fun is transporting myself into some outer space sci-fi series and he is perfectly contented to sink into the sofa watching golf.

With not much in common, we have walked hand-in-hand through 25 years. In the next 25 golden years, I may slow down my pace to match his and walk arm-in-arm.

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Wow! 25 is an achievement indeed, congrats!
October 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChengYoon
Thanks! And you were there right from the beginning :p
October 3, 2009 | Registered CommenterKaty

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