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Time Blaster

This is not a sci-fi posting. This is about how most of Katy's time had been wasted away.

My last post was in the middle of December. Lots have happened.

Went to Singapore and back. Watched Swan Lake by Singapore Dance Theatre. Walked Orchard Road 1 1/2 times, with poor hubby in tow. I swore I knew the way but obviously I did not.

Had a sort of DanceArt reunion BBQ. People came  from four corners of the world. That was a good night. But woke up the next morning to really bad news. Dad fell, required 4 stiches on his head and he stayed in the hospital for 4 days. After that, he stayed over with me for a week, recuperating.

Worked furiously to get the exam entries out on time.

Then, poofed! The year came to an end.

2010 came with a big bang! So many things to get in order.

But wait, the title of this post is "Time Blaster" not what's been happening.

What's a Time Blaster? Something that blasts time! Duh!

I imagine UTube is a great Time Blaster. I was doing some research on the different types of dance music. Then I watched a related dance type. One thing led to another, and I spent the whole evening, not doing much except watching UTube clips.

Playing Zelda is also a Time Blaster. Spirit Tracks are full of puzzles and thought provoking stuff. I have spent a lot of time staring at the screen, not knowing how to go ahead in the game. But of course, true to Zelda's game play, there's always a solution.

Wookie is a tremendous Time Blaster. He literally zaps time of you. He requires lots of game time, cleaning up time, meal time and most of all, attention time.

Cooking is a Time Blaster. It always amazes me how much time is taken into cooking a meal and how little time one takes to gobble it up.

New toys are definitely Time Blasters. And I have 2 new toys. I got myself a pressure cooker. Well, technically the pressure cooker is going to help me blasts the Cooking Time Blaster since it's going to shorten the time. But experimenting with it right now is blasting time.

I also got myself a new net book. It's tiny, it's portable, it's PINK! The pink was a little overboard. David and Alison were not too impressed. This is quite a Time Blaster. Learning how to use it. Getting used to the tiny-ness. But truth be told, the keyboard seemed to be 'just right' for my hands. I don't have big hands to begin with, perhaps.

Following series are mega Time Blasters. It takes all but the superhuman strength in me to resist wacthing an episode of anything or I'll just continue and finish the whole season.

But what is life if it's not filled with these Time Blasters. Very boring indeed.


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