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I have been catching up on my TV series. I travelled through space via Stargate. This time is with the Stargate Universe team. I still prefer Atlantis but since there's no more space travels for the Atlantis team, Universe will do.

I have also been spending time with Dexter. Alison was telling me how a teenager killed his brother or was it sister because he watched too muh Dexter and feel like killing is absolute hogwash. I do not watch Dexter in single episodes. Whenever I do, it will be in chunks of several episodes and 'a killer it makes me not'. It's great to see Michael C. Hall at post-cancer.

There's Fringe and Criminal Minds pending. And The Good Wife has began it's new season. So many shows to watch and definitely not enough time to do them. The other thing about watching stuff one likes is, once you've watched it, you've watched it. It's a bittersweet thing. When I have not watched it, I anticipate and savour the thoughts of enjoying it if and when I do watch it but after I do, the feeling is gone. mmmmmm, not explaining it properly.

Oh, I forgot, I watched Torchwood. Absolutely good. I always feel that British series builds up better than the American ones.

It's a shame that the next few days are going to be busy days. I shall have to put my TV shows on hold for a bit............. ok, back to work and not think of them.

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Hi Teacher Katy! ^^ Surprise drop in on your blog...
...It's 3.30 am.I just finished my studying (procrastinating) for my spm. Then I started thinking of christmas. which led me to think of the nutcracker. which made me think of sewing a lot of purple sequins on tutus...which made me miss everyone in class all of a sudden. Like a huge wave of nostalgia came grand jete-ing into my brain. Long story short, I felt guilty for not seeing everyone for awhile, so I remembered I could always just drop a line from here. yeah. Long explaination.
Lol, I chose this entry to comment on specifically cause you mentioned Torchwood. Yay! Kudos. Though Doctor Who is way better. Torchwood is the spin-off after all.
Anyways...I'm not really sure if you'll even see this message...not for awhile at least, but just swung by to say miss you and same to everyone in class...I'll drop in after my exams hopefully...But until then, I have to be a recluse and eat sejarah textbooks.
November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRowena

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