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Christmas 2010

I realised I have not posted anything about the Christmas production 2010. In a few years time, when I re-read my blog, I shall regret this. So here it is.

Practices began about a month ago. The production this year is on a smaller scale but nevertheless, it's a lot of work. Two of the dances are ballet based and so I took several ex-students out of retirement and work them to the bone. They were encouraged to come back to classes until Christmas, or at least until end of November, since DanceArt is always closed in December. I love this bunch of girls, Adelynne, Amelia, Abigail and Kimberly. They have been so enthusiastic and supportive. That spurs me on.

This time, choreography was done practically and purely from the head. Meaning, I did not work it out physically. I just merely listened to the music (about a gazillon times) and write out the choreography. A heavily bandaged toe prevented any physical marking.

Quite a few weeks into the planning, the third and final dance which was supposed to be choreographed by another person was handed back to me. Woe! I had all my timeline planned, and was preparing myself to be fully immersed into the two dances, then suddenly, along comes another. But, it's all done and now we are fine tuning them.

Today, we had two good sessions. Problems were ironed out, kinks were sorted out. Difficult bits were tackled and conquered. Timings were also 'precised'. We also 'blocked' the placings. Now all we need is to practise, practise and yet more practise. We are definitely going to be ready for Christmas.

Another point to note, we are saving a hefty sum on re-doing the flags. A smart brain wave came to me last week. A few bales of gold cloth was used for the church dedication in the middle of the year. Now it's just sitting around collecting dust. So I had an idea of trying to use them to make new flags and it worked! They were light enough. Bee Hong is helping me with the sewing and designing costumes. It's wonderful to have friends who can help.

Combined practices begin at the end of November. I think it's late but there's so many things going on and therefore, it's not possible before that. Right now, the choir, drama and also tech team are working separately. I simply cannot wait till everybody comes together. Then and only then, we are able to see if it will all work out.

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