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Even dogs will not pee there

My parents have a great sense of humour. They are also pretty witty.

One of my favourite quips from Dad is, "even dogs will not pee there". We were passing a new development in Brickfields some time ago. Dad was remarking on the changes, how many landmarks of his days are gone and how certain places where "even dogs will not pee" are being developed. It took me about a minute to figure that out. He simply meant those were places where even dogs will not be interested in, meaning it was completely useless. Alison and I love this quote.

Mum once said, "It's like buying a pair of socks". She went on to explain that when one buy a pair of socks, one tend to buy a pair of shoes to go with them. Then, perhaps a bag and since one has bought a pair of socks, shoes and a bag, one might as well get a new outfit. Pretty soon, one will need a new hairdo and a complete make over and all these began with a pair of socks. It simply meant the entire situation will snowball. It is so perfectly true and I have since coined this The Socks Syndrome.


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