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The Week That Was

It had been a week of extremes.

I was coughing so despite absolutely loathing cough meds, it was either take or die. However, I am very bad with cough meds, I will still be zombie-like 12 hours after a dose. Therefore, I had to take it at night and only when I know I have nothing on the morning after.

#Mistake Num 1 - I took the meds on Friday night the week before and when I had to drive to classes the next morning, I had to keep slapping myself to keep awake.

#Mistake Num 2 - Cancelling everything and taking the meds the whole Wednesday. I was still coughing after that but in a groggy-like state which includes a headache the day after.

#Mistake Num 3 - And the biggest one of all. After the incident of the Saturday before, I decided to be drug-free on Friday night. I went to bed at 1 plus. After a series of toss and turn, 2 something, I was still wide awake. I got up, played some games on the Iphone. 3 plus - the eyelids have no sign of drooping.

4 something, Wookie gave a polite little whine. "Do you want to go downstairs? If you do, then you'll have to stay there, you know." No answer, he just looked at me earnestly. "Ok, let's go" We went downstairs, and he shot to the back like a missile. I went after him. I want to change the paper after he pees. I had to stand there and wait for him for a good nearly 5 minutes! It was a long, long pee, soaking all the papers and the 'yellow river' had 2 tributaries, flowing right across the back area. Shucks! I have to wash the floor. Then I understood why he was so still when he was in his basket. Precaution for accidents.

By 4.30 David was up. He had to do a wedding photo shoot. There we were, in the wee hours of the morning chatting away, like it's the most common thing to do. He left at 5 and I was STILL wide awake.

By 5.30 or so, I think, I fell asleep only to wake up at the 7AM alarm. Only 1 1/2 hours of sleep and a whole Saturday ahead of me. I am going to die! But Die, I did NOT. In fact, I was full of energy. Andrew said I probably slept so much the whole week, it was paid forward.

A lesson to be learnt from this. one can get easily 'addicted' (used to) meds. My body became reliant on the meds to give me sleep. It did not know how to do so on it's own.

Yesterday, we went to Jogoya, Japanese buffet for David's belated birthday dinner. It was scrumptious. I parked myself at the sashimi counter and stuffed myself with many, many helpings of tako, salmon and other delicious goodies. There were, of course, other fantastic stuff but I only have one stomach. How I wish I was a cow last night. With four stomachs, I could have eaten a lot more. By the end of the night, we were all sitting down, looking like pythons after a meal of a goat or something equally huge.

I thought after such a good meal, sleep will come fast. (Pythons always go to sleep after a huge meal and that's how they are usually caught) But I was mistaken. I rolled and turned, played Kirby on DS until the battery went low and I was STILL awake.

I hope by today, all will be back to normal, normal eats, normal sleep, normal everything.



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